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Social Fit Round Up of Kettlebell & Fitness Form Videos on my Social Media Part 1

Hey team! I have posted so many tips, tricks, "how to", & form videos lately that I wanted to round them up and put them in one spot. As you know, posts only live for so long until they get lost in the infinite timeline that is social media.

So here are some of my favorites, so you don't have to go down a mad rabbit hole on my Instagram and Youtube!

The Difference Between a Squat & a Hinge on IG

The Benefits of Training Barefoot on YT

How to start your Kettlebell Snatch on YT

Learn how to do a Kettlebell Clean in 4 steps on IG

3 of My Favorite Go-To Activation Exercises on IG

3 Reasons I Love an Adductor Rock on IG

What Core Exercises to do for a Hollow Hold on IG

Tips on How to Do an Offset Push-Up on YT

What Muscles does the Kettlebell Swing Actually Work? on YT

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Knees Using a Yoga Block on IG

Message me on IG or YT and let me know which video was most helpful, or you'd like to see next!


Talk to you soon!


Hey, I'm Bridgette Karl!


I'm a highly caffeinated actress, motivated personal trainer, OCD website designer, red wine sipping, kettlebell swinging, quality time craving, MN-born New Yorker who can't sit still but... also probably needs a nap.

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