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Why You Should Skip Your Way Through Life

Today we are getting athletic! Did you know, as you age you lose power at a rate of 3-4% each year!! So today we are talking jumps & skips to keep you explosive and powerful for the rest of your life! Like I’m talking box jumps at 80. Whaaaa. Yeah..

Now, whenever I introduce an A step, B step, or C step to someone more times than not they are like HUH? ( and they aren’t difficult they just might take some mental energy to get it down)  And to be clear, before my college track days I had no clue what the heck these were either but once it’s in your body, you can’t lose it & *it’s the same every time* wink wink.

I also have seen personal trainers teach these in a variety of different ways so this is a combination of how I learned them originally during my D-2 track days and what I’ve learned from some pretty great trainers here in NYC.

Here’s what we are going to do: I’mma build ya up, give you the tools you need & then send you off to practice. Feel free to revisit this video whenever your brain glitches though.

Without further ado let’s get into the A step or A Skip (whaterr you wanna call it.)

[ This part you kinda have to watch in the video and practice along]

YASS now that you’ve got it, I’m going to give you a few things to think about.

  1. As you bring your foot back down and strike the floor I want you to think of a strike down and pull back motion (almost like a horse), once we start moving this bad boy, that’s the part that’s going to propel you forward.

  2. You also want to try to get your leg into triple extension aka point your toe, straighten through your knee, and bring your hip fully forward.

  3. Keep the arms going, find 90 & 180, hit it and switch. The quicker your arms are, your legs will follow.

BOOM. Alright once you’ve nailed the A-step it’s time to move on to B. Before you do this one, you might stretch out the back sides of your legs. (especially if you’re a tight human sitting at a desk all day) because now we are going to add on the leg extension forward (of the kick forward).  So the step remains the same, but instead of just your knee coming up, your heel is going to drive forward (almost like you’re going over a hurdle.)

Give it a try, remember to stay bouncy and have strong arms with a mostly high chest.

Finally the C-step, this one can be done forward and backward. We are going to work the external rotation of the hip in this one, only turn your knee out as much as feels good to you, both of your hips should stay pointing forward the entire time.. because you’re going forward, so don’t turn and go a different direction.

In this one, you’ll stay on the same leg for forward & side then switch sides. Forward, side.

If I didn’t say it earlier, the A-step is the core of both of these other steps, it alllllll starts with the A-step, so master that and then add on, you little track star you. I’ll see ya later!


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