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Helping you find your why & elicit a lifestyle change that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

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"I just want to say thank you for your workout videos and tips. Also for your latest post. This year I've lost 90lbs. And your tips really made sure I was doing exercises I haven't learned before correctly. You also have a lot of charisma so it becomes infectious. [...]"

"And I gotta tell you, your workouts have really helped my posture/longevity at work. I'm able to support myself better without compensating as much to improper muscle groups so that's AWESOME."

..."Being a new mom I didn't have time to plan a workout for myself. She did all of the work for me and better yet, it was specially tailored for me and my health goals. She kept it new and interesting and fun each week. She offered alternatives so that if I had a busy day or wasn't feeling great I could take it at the pace that was best for me and my body. She was phenomenal at communication! Such an easy person to talk to. I never felt like I was bothering her by asking a question or sharing my progress and she always responded right away. She would celebrate right alongside me when I hit personal goals. She was everything I needed, right when I needed it. The best part is that now I love working out. I notice the days when I don't and I look forward to working out, not because I have to or because its work to achieve something, but because it's fun! And I feel amazing afterwards. I do it for me. It's simply my lifestyle now. And it's all thanks to Bridgette. She has literally helped to change my life and I will be forever grateful. I never would've pushed through all of the hard work I did without her cheering me on and showing me how working out can be fun. Thank you thank you thank you!"  

"I still do all the workouts on BFITTE GO and always am checking in with my form, my breathing, the emphasis of the movement you verbalize. You're awesome!"

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Bridgette grew up competing in Soccer, Ice Hockey, and Track & Field. She went on to compete In Division II Track & Field at Minnesota State University Mankato while simultaneously receiving her BFA in Musical Theatre. She is a big fan of singing, acting, a positive attitude & helping you reach your fitness goals.

Her why? She works out so that she can sing and dance at the same time. (and to live forever, obviously)


NASM -Certified Personal Trainer

Kettlebell Specialist (Bell Mechanics Foundations)

CFSC 1 (Certified Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach

200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Rowing Coach

Division II Track & Field (High Jump, Triple Jump & Long Jump)

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