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Kettlebell Styles: Hardstyle vs FLOW

The internet is a fun and dangerous place haha. There is a lot of information out there so today we are talkin' about the difference between hardstyle kettlebell training & flow so that the next time you see it online you will know the difference!

Hardstyle Kettlebell Training: So, let's kick it off with Hardstyle – the powerhouse of kettlebell styles and my favorite! This one is your BFF who's all about strength and technique:

  • Heavier Weights: We're talking about choosing a kettlebell that gives your muscles a little bit of a wake-up call. The heavier weights amp up the challenge and put the focus on building muscle and power.

  • Power Play: Hardstyle is all about generating force in each move. It's like flexing your muscles and showing them who's boss!

So all in all it's going to be more of a rep-based, strength workout focusing on building strength, precision, and explosive power.

Kettlebell Flow: Now, let's groove into the world of Kettlebell Flow – the cool, rhythmic cousin.

  • Smooth Moves: Imagine seamlessly moving from one exercise to another, creating a beautiful flow. It's like dancing with your kettlebell.

  • Lighter Vibes: Unlike Hardstyle's heavyweights, you're focused on keeping your heart rate up for longer so you're going to want to pick up a lighter weight that you can use for the whole time.

  • Cardio: Oh, speaking of dancing, Kettlebell Flow doubles as a cardio workout.

While the kettlebell flow is known for being the cardio style, you can 100% get your heart rate pumping and get a cardio workout with hardstyle complexes. (I'm a little biased, I like hardstyle :D So I wanted to make sure you knew that hahah)

Your Style, Your Call: Alright, here's the deal – whether you're Team Hardstyle or all about that Flow life, it's your call! Think about your fitness goals and what makes your heart happy.

Check out this Instagram video for a visual and if you're curious about what it's like to train with kettlebells, try my BELLWELL group program on my app! It's ongoing, kettlebell-focused, and a lot of fun! Join the team here, your FIRST WEEK IS FREE!



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