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3 places to purchase kettlebells

*oooo lala, there's an affiliate link in here which means I may earn a little commission from it if you buy through my link, but know I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't like it*

I recently made a blog post about what kettlebells to purchase and when. [AKA I don't have any, what size should I buy first?] If you're curious about that, I made a cute little quiz/infographic to help you!

Say you've figured out what size bells you want to buy but you don't want to go to TJ Maxx because all they have is a 10-pounder and you're just stronger than that. Here are three places I recommend buying from!

3 places to purchase kettlebells by bridgette karl

Wlamica Fitness (small business)

Instagram: @wlamicfitness

Kettlebell Kings*

Rogue (this is what I have, I got them from a gym that was closing down)

Instagram: @roguefitness

kettlebells by bridgette karl
Here's what I have in my apartment

*=affiliate link



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