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In a world of personal branding and niching down, Bridgette Karl niches out and adds yet another tab to her browser bar.

"I have a million side hustles and I trip and fall onto a new one every other day it seems. So instead of choosing one, why not embrace all of them?"

Join Bridgette as she chats about the browser tabs she currently has open: fitness, musical theater, lifestyle, productivity, motivational stories, etc… and when inspiration hits, she might just add a new one! Bridgette is an AEA actress, NASM personal trainer, Kettlebell Specialist & Website Designer navigating NYC.

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I will be adding guests in the new year. If you'd like to be featured on the show,, drop me a message!



Hey, I'm Bridgette Karl!


I'm a highly caffeinated actress, motivated personal trainer, OCD website designer, red wine sipping, kettlebell swinging, quality time craving, MN-born New Yorker who can't sit still but... also probably needs a nap.

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