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4 hours, including a 20 min break halfway through

We will cover the deadlift, swing, clean, press & snatch

Expect to Learn

  • How to set up, break down and execute these fundamental exercises.

  • How each movement compliments the other and translates to other modalities

  • How to demo the kettlebell with confidence, gain strength, & reduce the risk of injury.

  • Elevate your eye by troubleshooting common technical mistakes such as “KB Slams my wrist” & “My Back Hurts”


Come with an open mind and ready to learn. While you should dress to move, know that this is not a workout class but a workshop. We will be fine-tuning your technique as an athlete as well as your cueing as a coach. I promise you’ll leave with a couple of new gems.

**The pricing is based on how many coaches your studio will have participating in the workshop. There is a 5-coach minimum and a max of 12 in order to maintain a small class size and personal attention. 

Please be aware that the workshop can run 20-30 minutes longer if you have 5+ coaches, but that's okay!!

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"Every coach and personal trainer should take Bridgette's Kettlebell Workshop! As a coach, it was invaluable to be given such a strong foundation in technique. Time was well spent between learning kettlebell skills but then also common mistakes and best cues/practices to help people advance safely and quickly. Bridgette also made it super fun and interactive. Time well spent!"

- Mike


If you're interested in hosting a coaching kettlebell workshop at your gym please reach out below and I will send you pricing options, information & availability.