welcome to forty-ninth street a blog by bridgette karl formerly brand bee hq, blog for actors in new york city

Welcome to forty-ninth street, a blog encouraging positivity, growth + wellness in between gigs. We focus on what we, as actors, do to stay motivated when we are auditioning + sacrificing our sleep schedule to pursue our dream! 


So… let’s start with WHY I’m starting a blog + WHAT it’s going to be about. 

It will be…

  • A resource for inspiration, motivation + positivity.

  • A supportive place to share stories + learn from each others journeys.

  • A database of information to help actors build their website + learn the skills they need to crush the business side of things.

  • A collection of health + wellness tips (so we can stay healthy + work until we die).


Hey I’m Bridgette – a musical theatre actress originally from Minnesota. However, now I sit in an audition holding room or on my fire escape in New York City! 

When I moved to NYC it was an inevitable fact that I would have to get a survival job to pursue my career but I soon realized… they all really suck. Can someone just pay us to audition?

Once I realized I needed a survival job to pay the bills, I went in search of something I was equally passionate about.

I loved spending my free time designing websites for actors, so I launched Brand Bee HQ and started advertising my services to friends and cast-mates.

I loved the concept of helping my friends build a website that TRUELY represented their brand, talents + personality. 

The concept of branding yourself & is exactly why I started Brand Bee and is another reason why I am expanding and growing it to forty-ninth street. 

Learn why we changed our name from Brand Bee to forty-ninth street!

Branding yourself is so important and it starts from within. I want to create a space that encourages actors + artists to become the best version of themselves.

I have found that I learn the most about myself during the transition periods of life. So, instead of passing over them, I want highlight them!

We are our own business. 

Let’s share + grow together.

p.s. I want to develop forty-ninth street into a community. I want this blog to be bigger than myself. So, if you feel passionate about something and think you could write an article that relates to life as an actor/artist, LET’S TALK I would love to collaborate with you and feature your post. Let’s support each other + help each other stay motivated on the way to our dreams! Email me at heyfortyninthstreet@gmail.com


Written by: Bridgette | Photography by: Hey It's Lifestyle


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