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Master Your Kettlebell Snatch & Learn It's Benefits

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and take your kettlebell skills to the next level?

I remember taking an online kettlebell class during the pandemic (aka lockdown) and the instructor said "If you have your snatch go for it, if not do this variation" I took the variation, but ever since that day I was determined to get it.

Learning how to snatch a kettlebell on my own was alright but it wasn't until I took Sam Ciacca's Foundations course that I really started to nerd out. So I'm passing on the knowledge to you so that you can walk into the gym or a group class with confidence and maybe even impress some people.

The cool thing about the Snatch is a full-body dynamic & ballistic movement. It engages multiple muscle groups and improves overall strength as well as explosive power.

It can also help with cardiovascular endurance (if you do enough continuously), and stability as it demands coordination, balance, and strength.

Let's get into it, I've recorded a free quick and dirty snatch tutorial, drop your email below and I'll email it to you!



Hey, I'm Bridgette Karl!


I'm a highly caffeinated actress, motivated personal trainer, OCD website designer, red wine sipping, kettlebell swinging, quality time craving, MN-born New Yorker who can't sit still but... also probably needs a nap.

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